Pixelation Art Sticker Giant Poster (Space)


A fun DIY activity for kids 5 years and older. Children can improve their hands-on ability, coordition, and perception of colour by matching the small EVA tile stickers with the correct numbered squares! Kids Art and Craft Activity Pack Pixelation Art 4 designs to choose from including under the sea, unicorn, transportation and space! 

Pixelation - Space Through the milky way travelling at the speed of light, Avenir develops the Pixelation Art Space activity pack so that we can be in awe of the magnificient Spaceship. A super fun DIY creative activity that will keep kids entertained for hours! The poster is partly printed with brilliant colour and designs, making it easier to achieve a great work of art.

Product Kit includes:

  • 1 x Giant poster banner and 10,000 EVA Stickers
  • Completed Poster size: 840 mm x 285 mm
  • Product Dimensions: Approximately ~315 x 240 x 14 mm; 180 Grams