DIY Sewing Keychain (Owl)


There's nothing more satisfying than proudly showing off something that you made with your own hands!

Choose your favourite animal, and turn them into a beautiful stuffed doll that you can then hang on your bag. All items are beautifully packaged in a keep-safe animal canister style packaging so that you don't have to worry about requiring additional tools. Now everyone can do sewing!

Kit includes:

  • High-quality synthetic fur pre-cut and pre-punched animal shapes -
  • Wool
  • Child-friendly plastic needle

Dimensions of completed keychain size: approx. 17 cm tall 

Collect your full range of key chains with the following animals to choose from: Unicorn, Deer, Fox, Illama, Owl, Penguin and Sloth.

Our sewing products are certified: Non-Toxic & Safe For Children

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