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Our Story


PlayYard was born out of our belief that through clothes, we are able to bring joy to little wardrobes.

Step into our store and you will realise that we are huge on colours! We firmly believe that colourful clothing invokes feelings of playfulness, happiness and confidence in the little ones.

We are a local multi-label children's clothing retailer who pride ourselves on having a wide selection of clothing for your kiddos aged 0 - 10 years old. Our collections are updated frequently, and comes in very limited quantities. Therefore you can be sure that your child is going to stand out like a flamingo amongst a bunch of pigeons. Hee!

Designs and style aside, every piece of clothing has been picked with your child's comfort and safety in mind but not at the cost of your wallet.

Throughout our journey, we have gathered like-minded local startups whose products have been curated for you. Hence do spend some time to check out their specially featured items ranged in both our online and physical store. # SUPPORT LOCAL!

We can't wait for you to shop with us and most importantly, to see your child strut confidently in the streets wearing our goodies that we have specially picked out.

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